So I need to tell you all a secret about a small, unusual and bad habit I can’t get rid of: picking public flowers.

Hi! My names Desiree, and I am a flower-pickingaholic (This is your cue to say “HI, DESIREE).

It’s not just the flowers growing in downtown Kent in front of the police station I steal. No, it’s every flower I can get my hands on: flowers out of people’s yards, flowers from my neighbors hanging basket on her porch, flowers from the table at a wedding reception. I do believe the addiction to be so great that I won’t allow myself anywhere near a cemetery. Jesus himself would strike me if I stole a flower from a dead person; however, I don’t think I am strong enough to stop myself.

So after understanding my addiction, you have to understand my excitement when I saw National Geographic’s Tip of the Day that read:

“Most of the cut flowers we shower our mothers with on Mother’s Day are imported from Colombia, Ecuador and the Netherlands. While exotic presents from faraway lands are always a success with Mom, when it comes to flowers, you’re better off picking local and organic blooms.”

I thought “picking local blooms” see someone finally gets me. Even though after I read on I realized it didn’t mean showering your mother with stolen, public flowers, it still sparked my interest.

Apparently, even flowers that come from nature can be unfriendly to the environment. According to the article, a majority of the time the flowers you buy for mom from a mainstream shop have to be shipped from some foreign country, which is a waste of energy and very faux in the green world. These flowers are also sprayed with pesticides, which harm the health of the agricultural workers exposed to them and can “linger in the petals, adding a toxic touch to the centerpiece.”

So what’s a environmental advocate to do? In this green era, there is always a better option.

National Geographic suggests seeking out local flower farmers in your area or using an organic delivery service that carries USDA certified organic arrangements grown here in America, such as Diamond Organics or California Organic Flowers.

Talk about pumping up the green PR. Now even flowers aren’t safe from scrutiny. But the good news is, even though it can be considered stealing, my flower-picking addition is sustainable, which is all that matter these days, right?

Happy Mother’s Day MOM! I love you.