I love to tan. I love it. I love it. I love it.I love the way it makes me look. I love they way it makes me feel. I love the smell of the tanning bed. I just love everything about it -except the possibility of skin cancer.

Even though there are several thousands positives to tanning, this one, big negative made me severely cut down on tanning. Lucky for me, there are other options that still provide the glow like Mystic tanning  or sunless tanning lotions. This summer I plan to smother on tons of SPF 30 and have a safe and happy life in the sun without the harmful rays.

But after reading a post on TreeHugger, apparently protecting myself from the sun can not only also cause cancer but could be bad for the environment.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! So, what? Now my only option is to become a recluse in the summer and hide in my apartment alone so sunlight never touches my fair, northern Italian skin. Oh but wait, I can still go outside if I cover myself in heavy black clothing that will block the rays but give me a heat stroke. Ahhh, ok? Ya crazy!

There is one point my friends were sustainability and all this cancer-free, natural, organic bull crap goes a little overboard. When you mess with a woman’s ability to help reduce wrinkles and cancer while still enjoying summer, the line has been crossed.

To pull a quote from the Ecologist reference in the TreeHugger post, “Chemicals that provide sun protection are also potentially irritating to the skin, and irritated skin is more prone to sun damage. Emerging research also suggests that some of these chemicals are oestrogen mimics that persist in the environment and in the body. We still think it’s important to protect our skin, so look for natural sun creams and/or cover up in the sun and stay out of the midday heat.”

Organic, natural sunscreen?

Green movement:
You can have your chemical-ridded flowers; I’ll buy from the organic distributors. You can have your bad food; I like vegan cookies. You can have your gas guzzling cars; I’ll get a Prius. But for the love of God, you can’t have my sunscreen. No, sorry. The green machine for me stops here.

I understand the “protect yourself from the sun or you’ll get cancer or at the very least pre-mature wrinkles” bit. I get it; it’s feasible. So can you leave us the freaking sunscreen to protect ourselves? The answer is: No! Apparently using SPF not only will kill the environment but will kill me as well.

There are only so many things you can do to be sustainable. I, for one, still want to be able to enjoy the environment, while being environmentally friendly. I’ll give up the tanning beds and the hours in the sun with baby oil, but you will never take my non-organic, Banana Boat SPF sunscreen. NEVER.