Greener PRactices was born so a public relations student at Kent StateGreen University could learn more about social media, PR, sustainability and, well, life through blogging.

The idea to create my blog, touching on the social media trend, and the idea for its theme, focusing on the ever-expanding green bandwagon, came from my close following of public relations trends, new hot topics that have a notable affect on society and thus public relations.

Given society’s current obsession with sustainability, I hope to analyze how this new trend affects the public relations profession and the tactics used by its professionals. As I am not one to instantly jump on a short-lived social movement, it seems as though “going green” is going to be sticking around for awhile – for better or for worse.

This blog will take a critical look at the evolution of the green movement: how companies are using sustainability positively, as a philanthropic cause, and negatively, misinforming their publics about environmentalism only to generate publicity.

Comments are welcome as this blog is an element of Web 2.0; but, I will monitor them. I won’t accept rude, violent or defamatory comments. Although there may be a time and a place for crude language, this is a professional blog created by a classy, young lady. So please keep the vulgarity to a minimum, and I will do the same.


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